Our Concept

Painting is a fun and enriching activity for the artistic training of children. We include a wide range of topics and exercises where they can have a first contact with technique, mediums or improve the current level. Additionally, we enhance the creativity and children have a fun time. Every student works independently according to the age and skills under the supervision of the instructor.


- 3 - 5:30 pm 3 - 5:30 pm 3 - 6 pm 3 - 5:30 pm 9 - 12:15pm
- 2:30-4:30pm


Term Winter Spring 2018

9th January - 29th June

(Studio closed for Tết break 14-24 February both inclusive)

24-25 Weeks

1 h 1 h 30 min 2 h **

Materials included except canvases

390,000 VND
470,000 VND
545,000 VND

Materials included except canvases

8.250.000 VND
9.875.000 VND
11.500.000 VND

Students with Term Card have priority and secured place in the selected group. The Term Card is valid for one day of the week. However providing there are available places in other group we can change the day of the week. Due to the fact of the limited size of the groups we strongly recommend you to book in advance in case you bring your kid for a single session to keep your place. For trial sessions check before in our website or call us to know the available time and days.

(*) We can accept 4 years old children after a trial session depending on the reaction to the environment and the painting tools.

(**) Minimum age for 2 hours session is 11 years old.

(***) Providing there are places, It is possible to register for the term at any moment paying for the remaining weeks at a session price of 330.000 vnd (1h) , 395,000 VND (1h 30') , 460.000 VND (2h)

How we teach?

Try our sessions with 50% discount!

Come one day to try our lessons and pay that day 50% off the single session Fee. We include everything you need to paint that day: Paint, Canvas and Brushes