How it works

Several mornings a week we offer Open Studio service. You come and work independently in your own project with all the benefits of our space, natural light, coffee or tea and our equipment but no tuition is provided


Tuesday & Thursday 1 - 5:30 PM
Wednesday & Friday 9:15 AM- 5:30 PM
Saturday 9 AM - 4:30 PM

Fee Valid Card 5

or 10 sessions holders
1 hour 175.000 VND 135.000 VND
Pack 5 hour / month 660.000 VND 525.000 VND
Pack 10 hour / month 1.100.000 VND 870.000 VND
Open Studio is not included in Trial Sessions promotion. Open Studio is billed by the hour. Member discount is not applicable to the price for Card 5/10 session holders.

Try our lessons with 50% discount!

Come one day to try our lessons and pay that day 50% off the single session Fee. We include everything you need to paint that day: Paint, Canvas and Brushes